Masque and Pettycote does more than just costumes. From wedding dresses to custom clothes for every day life, if you can dream it up, we can make it.

We negotiate custom work on an individual basis but here are some guidelines:

Suits start at $1000. Separate Trousers, Vests and Jackets can be negotiated.

Day dresses start at $150. Skirts & Blouses can be negotiated from this.

Wedding Dresses start at $1200. (Pictured above is a non-traditional Thai silk wedding dress made from draping the dress on a client.

Some clients want us to use their fabric and that is just great. It can even lower your final price!

For examples of our work, check out our portfolio.

The Process:

Consultation: We start by consulting and determining what we want to make. Prices are decided at this point. If the consultation happens at the shop, your measurements will be taken or we will drape directly on the body. We will also try to schedule the process paying special attention to your due date.

Custom fittings take 1-2 hours on average, but can last as little as thirty minutes.

First Fitting: During the first fitting we’ll fit a mock-up or toile on your body to ensure that we’ve fixed the fit issues. At this point the non-refundable first half of the payment is due. This gives the client a chance to approve of the design and process.

Second Fitting: This fitting can be split into many fittings depending on how complex the garment is. In any case, we usually fit the piece in the actual fabric and make final tweaks.

Final Fitting: This fitting is to make sure everything is perfect. The final half of the payment is due at this point and the garment goes home with you.

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