A talented construction crew can help a designer bring their designs to life. Cutters, drapers, tailors, dressmakers, dyers, costume craftspeople, wig, and makeup personnel help make a costume down to its last detail. Hiring Masque & Pettycote to design, coordinate, build or obtain costumes for a production can include a number of different services that may include but are not limited to:

Costume Designer

Our costume designers have a host of design skills from different areas of design from period to sci-fi. Choose from our stable of designers.


Our pattern staff has years of experience working with period patterns, cutting, draping, and drafting patterns of our own to create precise and artful shapes to make our designs come to life.


Our construction staff has years of experience utilizing production techniques in order to create and alter the highest quality of costumes possible for stage and screen.

Jewelry Designer/Costume Craftsperson

We send all of our jewelry and craft designs to specialists in the PNW area to be artfully and durably recreated to meet theatrical standards.


We send all embroidery and applique work to specialists in the PNW area where there skillful hands do hours of the most delicate work.


Our shoppers know every shop on the I-5 corridor and are experts at sourcing anything from fabric to findings.

Wig Designer

Wig designers do everything from wig stacking to hand ventilation for hair that stands up to the most brutal shows.


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