Asterisk* conditions specific to Theatrical / Professional rentals

RENTER: Renters must be 18 years old or accompanied by a parent. Rentals require valid ID (State ID/Driver’s License, Student ID, or Passport).

RESPONSIBILITY: The renter is responsible for bringing rentals back on time and in the condition (with consideration to appropriate wear and tear)  in which they left Costume Atelier Masque & Pettycote (M & P).

RENTAL PERIOD: Public rental fees are per use of one rental period. One rental period is up to seven days. *Professional rental periods will be negotiated at the time of rental.

LIABILITY: M & P and its associates assume no responsibility for any injury or damage incurred by the renter’s use or misuse of costumes and products.

PAYMENT: Payment is due in full is due before costumes leave M & P. Rentals are subject to tax.

DEPOSIT: Deposits equal the replacement value of the rental. M & P reserves the right to claim the full or partial amount of the deposit for late fees, damages, non-return or loss of costumes. Deposits are made in the form of a signed carbon of the Renter’s Credit Card. The slip is stored with the rental information as a hard copy and is never processed onto a computer. The Slip is then either destroyed or returned to the Renter when the costume is returned.

LATE: A costume is considered late if it is not returned by the close of business on the date specified in the rental agreement. Late returns will be charged for another rental period.

DAMAGE: M & P notes the condition of the pieces upon rental. Damages are defined as any unapproved alterations; marks from safety Pins, staples, tape, glue, or iron-in products; rips, stains, missing labels or irreversible smoke  or other odor damage.

LOSS: Coat hangers and garment bags that are present at the rental are a part of the rental. Replacement fees will be taken out of the deposit $1/Hanger $8/garment bag.

CLEANING: Cleaning is included in rentals to the General Public. Please do not attempt to launder or spot clean costumes.  The cost of cleaning is considered as part of the rental pricing formula and Items which require dry cleaning are priced appropriately. If items require more than average cleaning there may be additional cleaning costs deducted from the deposit. *Theatrical rentals do not include cleaning and all items must be returned appropriately cleaned

ALTERATIONS:  PLEASE do not alter your costumes. M & P will perform minor alterations on-site.  Extreme alterations may  add additional cost.  * If costumes are used for theatrical purposes minor alterations are allowable and item must be returned with all original pieces intact. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER WITH SAFETY PINS> THEY WILL USUALLY PUT HOLES IN GARMENTS

FIT: M & P guarantees the fit of a costume by providing minor alterations. If the wearer can’t come in for a fitting, M & P cannot guarantee that it will fit.

SHIPPING: If a costume is to be shipped, the renter is responsible for the cost of shipping both ways. The return package must be post-marked one week from the date of receipt by the renter.

DISCOUNTS: M & P offers a 10% discount for military, seniors, and students with valid ID or parent.

RIGHT TO REFUSE RENTAL: We reserve the right to refuse rental of weapons and uniforms to non-theatrical renters. This extends to costumes that might incur damage in certain situations.

LICENSING: M & P cannot reproduce and/or rent costumes for previously licensed characters. That being said, we can use our pieces to help you create similar characters.

RETURN/EXCHANGE: All rentals are final. Exchanges may be made at the customer’s expense.  If a costume is reserved or rented and then not used, the costume has still been pulled from stock, altered, prepped, processed and made unavailable for other renters. Therefore cancellations of paid deposits or rentals will not receive refunds.                              New packaged merchandise may be returned for a full refund.                                                       Used merchandise may be returned for store credit.


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