Masque & Pettycote offers a cooperative storage to help theatre’s save time and energy. Small theatres typically lose hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of costumes a year due to mismanagement of costume stock. In turn, production values suffer. Masque & Pettycote eliminates the need for many small house theaters to dedicate space, personnel and resources to maintain a secure a costume storage facility.­

  • ­Individual stocks will be carefully inventoried and advertised as a part of our stock of costumes which will have the opportunity to be used by other companies or individuals for a rental fee. Thus, that theatre will begin to make money from these rentals. 50% of the rental costs will go to Masque & Pettycote for overhead. The other 50% will be paid out to the stockholders, quarterly.
  • Individual stocks will continue to belong to their respective theaters that will retain *free use of their own stocks. In return, those stocks will be stored, maintained and managed by Masque & Pettycote in our climate controlled warehouse space.

*Stock pieces from a theatre’s stock may potentially be used in other productions. Availability may depend upon an item’s use by other organizations. In most cases, with enough forewarning, a theater’s pieces will generally be available. If your pieces have been rented out, a similar piece of equal style or quality will be substituted from another stock. If the piece is not able to be replaced from another stock; a similar piece will be built in house at no charge to the production company and will go into Masque & Pettycote’s stock.


  • You or your company as a stock holder, will have discounted access to all on-site stocks, renting them for just 10% or their replacement value.

The stockholder agreement details the terms for using the cooperative costume stock.

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