Reviews from Marin’s Mountain Play’s Production of  “Beauty and the Beast” Designed by Pettycote Designer Mishka Navarre 

Michelle “Mishka” Navarre-Huff’s costumes are delightful and make clear what many of the characters are. Her costume design gives a pack of wolves, who have a key role in the plot, a particulary menacing appearance.  Judith M Wilson Telli Marin

…with cleverly over-the-top costumes by Michele Navarre-Huff (love the dancing cheese-grater),  North Bay Bohemian David Templeton

The show’s most entertaining moments are provided by the supporting cast with an assist by costumer Michelle Navarre-Huff.   bring color, energy, and humor to every scene they’re in, culminating in the terrific ensemble number “Be Our Guest”.  Harry Duke Member San Fransisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle MemberAmeriucan Thearte Critiocs Assc. “For All Events”

Elaborate stage costumes sparkled– Michelle Ashwald The ark Newspaper

Ably assisted by costumer Michelle Navarre-Huff—and the sheer size of the cast, add an unexpected sense of spectacle.  Charles Brousse Pacific Sun



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