Masque & Pettycote is your South Sound source for costume rental and production. We believe that the transformative properties of playing dress-up allow us to explore the far reaches of who we are. Whether glamorous or scary, funny or serious, if only for one night, our closet can be your other closet.

Our extensive rental stock (including hand-made, vintage, men and women’s, plus-size, and children’s costumes) is open to anyone who needs to dress up: from corporate fundraisers to seasonal and formal events, even faires, cons and impromptu costume parties. Our full-service shop can help you to find the costume that works for you or just get ideas!

All of our sewing and production is done on-site. From elaborate wedding and costume ensembles all the way to the smallest alteration, our atelier can handle just about anything related to clothing.

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Costume /ˈkɑːstuːm/ n. : a style of dress signifying a particular people, class, or period. Costumes are often worn as disguises as they differ from the wearer’s everyday clothing.

Atelier /ˌætlˈjeɪ/ n. : French for workshop or studio. Ateliers often feature masters working with assistants, students and apprentices to create art of fine quality.

Masque /mæsk/ n. : The old ritual of costumed gaiety in which designers and actors put on what was, essentially, a giant themed party centered on a patron. OR Mask /mæsk/ n. : A disguise worn over the face. The simplest costume.

Pettycote or Petticoat /ˈpet̬.ɪ.koʊt/ n. : From the middle english for small coat or the underskirt that provides structure for the skirt of a gown.

Mishka Navarre